man on fire

by chris gerolmo

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this is a rock ep i made in new york city with tony conniff producing and playing the bass. it starts with a rock song in 7/4, moves on to the song "monsters everywhere" that was featured in the tv movie i wrote and directed with mark harmon called "certain prey", then to one of the best rock ballads i've ever written, and closes with a song about a deranged man. what more could you ask for? cg


released December 31, 2010

chris gerolmo on vocals and acoustic guitar
tony conniff on bass
larry slatzman on electric and acoustic guitars
marc shuman on electric guitar
steve gaboury on keyboards
and robin gould on drums



all rights reserved


chris gerolmo Los Angeles, California

chris gerolmo is the emmy-nominated singer-songwriter of "over there", the title song for the fx series about the war in iraq. he's made 3 albums and 2 eps of original songs that he describes as "increasingly alternative". by day he's a screenwriter (mississippi burning), writer-director (citizen x) and writer-director-executive producer (over there). ... more

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Track Name: Man On Fire
man on fire

soaked in sweat
it’s not desire
it’s not just pain

i’m a man on fire
i’m a crackling wire
i’m a man on fire

i see saints
in windowpanes
i hear choirs
in hurricanes

i’m a man on fire
i’m a crackling wire
i’m a man on fire

it’s always dreams that enslave you
and yet it’s dreams that’ll save you
i soar above
the sugarcane
a man on fire
in a world in flames

i’m a man on fire
i’m a crackling wire
i’m a man on fire

man on fire
i’m on fire
i’m on fire

(c) Chris Gerolmo 2010
Track Name: Monsters Everywhere
monsters everywhere

monsters are everywhere here in the dark
they live in the house they live in the park
you have any candy they’ll take it from you
you get a new toy they’ll take that too

monsters everywhere
monsters everywhere

monsters are there even when you grow up
what honest men build monsters blow up
daddy says monsters will send me to war
they don’t have the courage to tell me what for

monsters everywhere
monsters everywhere

when monsters are dreaming they’re dreaming of me
they’re dreaming of dragging me into the sea
they’re dreaming of oil and of ruling the world
and of stealing the toys from the boys and the girls

monsters everywhere
monsters everywhere

the things that I’ve said about monsters are true
they’re coming for me and they’re coming for you
there’s no way of keeping these monsters as bay
so just watch what you do and watch what you say

monsters everywhere
monsters everywhere

(c) chris gerolmo 2010